A noble samurai warrior's quest...

((Oh my goodness, I have so many new questions since I was last online. 

Thank you all. )) 

((Sorry, I’m just dropping in again to say that though I am not on here often, I still love this account and everyone following it. Heck, I’m glad that this many of you have stuck around, even with me barely ever being on. 

As soon as life lets me, I’ll be back on here! I love playing Jack, and I can’t wait to get back into the roleplaying swing! I hope you all don’t mind my continued absence. ))

wait wait you had sex with aku?? wtf i thought you were chaste? :/

*He gasps in disgust.* I never had relations with Aku! What on Earth made you think I would do that?! I loathe Aku, and I would never have… *He coughs, embarrassed to even say the word-* Intercourse… With anyone outside of marriage! 

((Hey, I’d just like to say thank you to all of my followers who continue to stick around, even though I’m not on here nearly as often as I used to be! 

And I’d like to thank everyone who still likes Jack and my writing and all of that! 

Though I hate to say, I still won’t be on as often as in the past. I still love playing Jack, and I love roleplaying still, but with school and other responsibilities, it’s hard to get on sometimes. And I’m sorry. 

But I hope you guys don’t mind sticking around! Well, I understand if you don’t, but uh… Well I don’t c=quite know what I’m trying to say here anymore. Just thank you all! ))

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, which one and how, and who took care of you, or did you manage to take care of yourself?

Well, fortunately for me, I have never broken a bone. But, during my training in Egypt, I was taught how to properly treat a broken bone, just in case such an event were to occur. 

Why do I want to know? I'm curious, and your blog /does/ say "you may ask me any questions you wish."

*Jack scowls a bit.* You may ask— That does not mean that I am obligated to answer

But will you do it for me though? (plops down in front of him) I am British so I have a lot of tea to give in return. ;)

Oh. *He blinks a few times when she just plops down.* Well, there is no need to compensate me for that. I will simply do it for you, if that is what you wish. 

What /were/ you thinking about, then?

*He blushes faintly, with a vaguely annoyed expression on his face.* Why is it that you want to know? 

Thoughts on Nikki?

*He raises an eyebrow in confusion.* I… Do not know of a “Nikki”.